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Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

How Do I Fight Medicaid Fraud Charges?

4For various reasons, anyone who accepts or uses Medicaid, can be charged with Medicaid fraud. If you don't fill out an application with all honest answers or your situation changes and you do not report it, you could then be charged with Medicaid fraud. Medicaid is health insurance that is given to those who cannot afford it otherwise, but if you don't disclose the truth about your circumstances, you may be committing Medicaid fraud. Those who lie about their income, or begin to work and do not disclose this information to the government, may also be charged with Medicaid fraud.

It's never an easy thing to be charged with Medicaid fraud, but there is a way to fight it, by hiring a medicaid fraud lawyer. The Spodek Law Group has the largest amount of Medicaid fraud attorneys in New York and has represented many clients in Medicaid fraud cases. It's never a wise decision to go to court without an attorney to represent you, especially in cases of fraud. With an attorney backing you, you're more likely to have the charges dropped, have a settlement in the case, or lessen the severity of the punishment.

Those who go to court without a lawyer, are more likely to go to jail, have a higher amount to repay, and face harsher charges. An attorney can help you to fight your Medicaid fraud charges from the beginning till the end, and it's never recommended to be without one, for any type of case. When you're ready to fight your Medicaid fraud charges, hire Spodek Law Group to represent you.